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I am born again in the name of the lord Jesus Christ. I would like to write an endorsement of approval about "The Great Bible Race." This is a great game. That has made learning the bible and scriptures easier for me and my family. There have been many times were I have read the bible and something might not make sense to me, but with this program has placed another tool that can equip families on how to educate themselves on the bible. Sincerely,

Shaun Miller

Just a few lines of "Thanks" for this outstanding video game, The Great Bible Race. My son Moses, age 9, just enjoy beating me at the "Race" game, but I always close him out at the very end. The Great Bible Race is a wonderful Bible teaching tool for my family. We discuss the stories and questions with our son. We have family and friends in the DC, MD, VA, NJ, NY and NC that have purchased the games and are enjoying it. What a great way to promote the LOVE of God in a video trivia game. This is second only to the Number 1 selling book in the world, The Bible!!! Thank You & God Bless,

Rev. Moses Vincent, Jr.

Just wanted to share a few words with you regarding the Great Bible Race. Thank you for this wonderful trivia game. I found it to be relaxing, challenging and knowledgeable. I am always excited to learn more about God's word. I find myself spending hours playing the race and watching me running the race. This is truly an awesome stress reliever. I would recommend this trivia game for everyone, especially if one would like to know more of God's word and promises. Thanks again and may God continue to bless you.

Jean Stevenson

I am writing to share my satisfaction with the DVD that I purchased Great Bible Race for my family and I. After viewing and playing the DVD with my family, I was astonished by how educational, entertaining and empowering the tape was for learning the Bible. I consider my family to be well informed and knowledgeable about the Word. However, after playing the Great Bible Race Game, it became very clear that we did not know as much as we thought. I love the way it gives you the option to choose easy or hard questions. I really see myself growing in my knowledge of the word by choosing the different levels. In addition, my eleven and eight year old children are constantly playing the games and learning about he Lord at the same time. As an Education and Communication Consultant, I understand the importance of an engagement approach to learning. And, that is what you get from this DVD. I am letting all my friends and co-workers know about this wonderful resource for families and Christian education institutions. So, I want to thank you for blessing us with a wonderful recourse. I look forward to being entertained and growing as a Christian.

Dr. Carmen White President, Dramatic Solutions, Inc.

This game, which draws its 14,000 questions from all 66 books of the bible, is a powerful tool for disseminating God's word. And we know that God has promised in Isaiah 55:11 that his word will not return to him void.

Bishop Charles Ellis III Presiding Bishop, Pentecostal Assemblies of the World