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If you own a Bible, you will want this game. The Great Bible Race is a video game experience unlike any other! Explore and learn the Bible in this fascinating video game that reveals the stories, people, events and teachings of the world’s most beloved and revered book. Designed for both the Bible expert and novice, the Great Bible Race is a groundbreaking Bible knowledge video game that makes the world’s holiest book an interactive experience. For Bible lovers, this is the ultimate package of three engaging video games in one.

Game 1

The Race

In the Great Bible Race, you can play alone or race against up to five opponents in a fast-paced game of quick fingers and sharp wits. With a ticking countdown clock, opponents eager to leave you in the dust, and the most biblical questions anywhere, this game will bring you and your family hours of wholesome, Bible-related fun and fellowship.

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Game 2

Bible Study

Play the Amazing Bible Study game, where you get to select from more than 200 topics and sub-topics. Choose to answer questions from a specific book in the Bible, or questions about a particular event, place or person. The game grades you and generates a report card so you know how well you have done.

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Game 3

The Quiz

Choose to climb the game’s 20 levels in the Ultimate Bible Quiz Challenge. This game is no picnic and the questions get harder the higher you climb. To win, you must get from level 1 to level 20 without making too many mistakes.

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There are many great reasons to buy the Great Bible Race. But everyone agrees that this video game, which was one of only four video games to make the Detroit News' exclusive Holiday gift list, is an unbelievable bargain and a truly fun way to spend time with the Holy Bible.