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We know the old adage: don't fix it if it's not broken. And yes, everyone loves the Great Bible Race just the way it is. We get letters all the time telling us not to change a thing. But what if the copy of the game your church or organization uses was fully customized, including unique avatars of church leaders? Several churches, denominations and even family reunions have commissioned their personalized games. Contact us if you wish to be part of this rapidly growing list.




Your church could create its own personalized copy of the Great Bible Race game, complete with church logo, images and even special questions. Imagine the pastor, first lady and church leaders as animated characters in the world's largest and most exciting Bible knowledge video game. This interactive Bible is an excellent way to encourage the study of the scriptures and will be a hit with parishioners, young and old.




This will be a great way to share information about your church's history with potential and current members. Add questions about church founders and their early experiences. Honor the men and women whose faith and sacrifice shaped your church or denomination.




Your church's or denomination's doctrine is an essential part of your institution's beliefs. Our customized games allow churches to add questions about the core elements of their faith. It's an effective and fun way to teach new converts or reinvigorate the faith of established parishioners.

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Call or email us for more information about our customized games, which make a great church fundraiser. Our sales specialists will discuss ways to make the Great Bible Race truly your own.

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