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1. Q: How many games are on the Great Bible Race disc?

A: Three. There is the Great Bible Race, the Amazing Bible Study and the Ultimate Quiz Challenge. All three games draw questions from the game's database.

2. Q: How many questions are in the game's database?

A: More than 17,000, making it the world's largest database of Bible trivia questions in a video game. This number is especially significant since the Bible only has 30,000 verses.

3. Q: Will the game indicate the correct answer if the wrong answer is chosen?

A: Yes. The correct answer is always shown before the player is allowed to move on to the next question. The game is designed as a teaching tool and this is a very important feature.

4. Q: How much time does a player have to answer each question?

A: 25 seconds. The countdown clock starts at the 20-second mark.

5. Q: What is the game played on?

A: The Great Bible Race 2.0 is a computer game played on both Windows and Mac computers. Versions of the game for smart phones and tablets will be released in the coming months. The game cannot be played on game consoles or DVD players.

6. Q: From what version of the Bible are the questions taken?

A: The King James Version.

7. Q: Are questions drawn from all books of the Bible?

A: Yes. There are questions from every book.

8. Q: Does the game keep track of high scores?

A: Yes, in the race game only. In this game, the three highest scores are recorded and stored by the game.

9. Q: How long does it take on average for someone to learn the rules of the three games?

A: You can learn how to play each game in a matter of minutes. The instructions for each game are just a few paragraphs long.

10. Q: Does each game require players to select avatars?

A: Yes. Players select from 16 avatars, 8 of whom are male and 8 female.

11. Q: Does the Great Bible Race 2.0 come with an audio-digital Bible?

A: Yes. It comes with a complete audio-digital KJV Bible.

12. Q: What are the features of the GBR 2.0 audio-digital KJV Bible.

A: Users can select the book and chapter they wish to hear or research. They can also do research by book, chapter or verse.

13. Q: How many 3D iconic Bible images are in the game and can I view them without 3D glasses?

A: 30. Yes, the game allows you to view the images in 2D, without glasses.


14. Q: How many people can compete in the race game?

A: 1 to 6. Players are allowed to play alone or against up to five opponents.

15. Q: Can a player choose the degree of difficulty of the questions he or she faces?

A: Yes. Players can choose from 3 degrees of difficulty - easy, moderate or difficult.

16. Q: Can a player choose the length of track on which he competes?

A: Yes. Players can choose from three different length tracks - The Dash, The Full Course and the Marathon. A player needs 800 points to complete the Dash, 1,600 the Full Course and 3,000 the Marathon. By choosing the length of the track, a player determines the length of the game he or she plays.

17. Q: How does a player score points in the race?

A: In the race game, a player's points on each question is determined by the time left on the countdown clock. The quicker a player answers correctly, the higher the score. For example, if a player correctly answers the question with 15 seconds on the clock, his score for that question will be 15 points.


18. Q: How many questions must a player answer to complete a Bible study game?

A: 15.

19. Q: How many categories and subcategories are there in the Bible study game?

A: There are 8 categories and more than 200 subcategories from which players can choose to answer questions. The categories include books in the Bible, people, spirit beings, events, places, miracles, parables and general topics.

20. Q: How are results displayed in the Bible study game?

A: The game generates a report card that gives alphanumeric grades and comments.


21. Q: What is the object of the quiz game?

A: Players attempt to climb from level 1 to level 20 without losing the lives they began with and any additional lives they obtained in the game. Players lose a life with every incorrect answer they give.

22. Q: How many correct answers must a player give in order to go up a level in the quiz game?

A: 10.

23. Q: Can you choose the degree of difficulty of the questions you face in the quiz game?

A: No. But the questions are designed to get increasingly difficult as you go up levels.